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Think Lanvin! project

April 19, 2012

More of my first year archives...

The Metropolitan Dream Project

April 19, 2012

From the "archives" of my first year at uni...

From Russia with love

February 19, 2012

It was yesterday when I became excited about next winter. At the exact moment when I saw my beloved Russian churches printed on the gorgeous garments at Issa. And it just got better seeing the whole collection coming together from backstage to the catwalk.

The collection was elegant, rich and glamourous and managed to turn the bold and literal prints and bright colours into exciting feminin clothes. Brocade dresses were matched with fur and wrap dresses were worn over leggings and  polo necks - all of the same print - creating an excellent example of what the French call "total look". The most extraordinary beadwork appeared on the thinnest nude sheers while Stephen Jones' entourage couldn't be more particular about the way the headwraps and furhats should be worn.

backstage issa aw 12 13

from backstage to the catwalk

issa london autumn winter 13

Not to worry, Kate's engagement dress wasn't forgotten - reworked in a longer and greener version. Although the kimonos and flapper drasses squeezed into the same 34 look collection as the little very red riding hood outfit might seem a bit too much, the atmosphere was jolly and I can't wait to wear the Russian print next season!

issa london kate dresses

great options for wanabee princesses

My Christmas Wishlist

December 06, 2010

Wrapped up in my cosy throw with all the snow outside really brings out my Christmas spirit. I've just read my newest obsession's - Anna Dello Russo's -  wishlist for Christmas, and also others were asking about it, so here it goes. To be honest it is not a wishlist I just made up for Christmas, but the one with all the things in it I reallllllly wish to have, some have been in there for a few years now!

Apple iPad, because I need something to access internet on the go, and I am obsessed with the touchscreen, and it's cooler and lighter than a netbook. (But a netbook is also very cool!)

Tria Fashion Designer 24 marker pen set: because I my favourite things to draw with are markers. There is also a 72 piece set, but I'd be really happy with this one as well.

Only 3 books from my endless amazon wishlist, but here's why these:

Avedon Fashion 1944-2000: I love fashion photography, and I don't yet have a proper book on it, and I thought I might start with a small step before the Helmut Newton Sumo.

My Favourite Dress: you don't really need any explanation, the title and the cover speaks for itself

Louis Vuitton - Art, Fashion, Architecture: because I love this book combines everythign I love about Louis Vuitton, and what I love in general

D&G black patent pumps, the perfect pair of shoes for me : they fit perfectly, they are very comfortable and I need a basic pair od black heels! I could wear them with everything form my wardrobe, it would be an investment really.

I fell in love with the Chloé paraty the moment I first saw them back in 2008, but I still haven't seen a bag I liked more. It is the ONE for me I suppose. As for the colour I can't decide between the black, oyster or grey python... and also there is the nude leather.... well I think I 'd be equaly happy with any of the 4.

I got to love them last Christmas when I spent endless hours on Milan Malpensa airport trying to find a flight to take me home. Perfect for the skislopes just like for a cold day in the city, and it's Italian, and it has a fur-hood, and the raincoat wearing labradors in the campaign are really cute. And Moncler sounds a bit like Mon Coeur anyway.


I have been accused that I think luggage is unimportant, well that is NOT true. Although I still struggle defining my monogram (I wish my name was just spelled in an internationally obvious way) I'm sure I could make a quick decision if it was to put on a personnalised Louis Vuitton Luggage.


What's next? Oh, yes, I hope my wishes come true:)

Pages of my sketchbook

December 05, 2010

For my first project: design a "recycled" shirt for your Icon = Viktor & Rolf

My Love For Lanvin Heart H&M

November 25, 2010

We had the budget, we had the plan, and it all worked out very well.

Queued for 2 hours, shopped for 15 minutes, and look what we've got:

Splash of colour

November 08, 2010


April 08, 2010

Rock and Rose and Lavender

March 04, 2010

For this spring-summer one of my favourite collections has to be Valentino. The colour palette - to die for. I can never get enough of nudes, neutrals, ice-cream tones, pastels or call them as you like. And the sheer fabrics bring the pieces the vibe that makes me jump up and down and shake my hands like a crazy person. I LOVE the whole collection. I know I'm going over the top, but as I started to put into words how I actually feel about the show, that's what happens...!

I wouldn't call frills what was going on there, perhaps waves...every dress was so dreamy but not in a cute way. They were grown-up and sophisticated but I always felt the edge in the looks, something like a tomboy made over into a resort girl but only with the clothes.

The neutral make-up with a slight emphasis on the eyes is a perfect finish for the looks. As the shorts and playsuits and the frill-leather trouser came out they instantly put the rock back into the show, and I'm so excited to wear my interpretation of the Summer 2010 Valentino-girl's wardrobe.

A look "trop forte" from Mango SS10

March 02, 2010

Illustration by moi